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Do you want to improve your dental health? Did you know that some foods can help you with that goal? Even though some foods can be harmful to your oral health, we want to inform you about some you can use to help boost your dental health. We know that life can get busy, so we want you to have comfort in knowing that what you are eating may actually help protect your smile.

Dairy: While you have likely heard that dairy may be high in calcium, some dairy products can have other benefits. Cheese could also increase your saliva production and may help lower the acid levels in your mouth.
Foods with fluoride: Seafood can be a great source of fluoride. Alternatively, you could choose carrots, canned pork or tomato products, beans, juices or beets.
Fibrous fruits and vegetables: Apples, carrots and celery, for example, may be able to help you clean your teeth. Although they shouldn’t replace your regular dental hygiene routine, they may be able to help in times when brushing is not readily available.
Sugarless gum and candy: While it may seem strange to you that these made our list, at first, these options could assist in increasing your saliva flow, which helps to clean your mouth naturally.

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